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Welcome to my book review blog.

I’m undertaking to read and review one book a week during the course of the IPL. I don’t profess to be a literary genius or of having any standout intellectual qualities  and I’m sure my style of review will portray this. I want to give my interpretation, my opinion, and my personal connections to the books I read.

I always enjoyed reading as a child. I guess a crowded sports schedule (and maybe – if im tough enough to admit- some peer pressure) took me away from this pastime from about the age of 13.  I suddenly rediscovered the passion about 5 years ago and have made up for lost time. I’ve also undergone a personal enlightenment and my thirst for knowledge and for exploring new spheres increases with my age. To paraphrase Hitchins, this thirst has led me to realise that I know less and less- but I at least know less and less about more and more.

To the meat of the matter- I’m using this platform to raise awareness for reading, and more importantly for the need for education in underprivileged areas. My plan is – with the help of some selfless people- to raise money to build a library or two in India. I have little experience so we’ll start with small expectations but we do have a reachable figure in mind.

I got introduced to Room to Read when I went along to the opening of a library at a school in Delhi through my association with the ICC as I was playing in the 2011 Cricket World Cup in India.

That day was an eye opener and after reading up on the organisation and its work I wanted to get involved. I also read Leaving Microsoft to Change the World! The inspiring story of the charity’s founder and his process to grow the charity into the respected organisation it has become. Please check out

I hope you enjoy this blog and look forward to comments, suggestions, questions and most importantly to spreading the joy of reading.