The books I read during the IPL

woodland group logoLinc Encouraging Literacy

It’s been a great week for this little project. LINC pens have come on board as a sponsor and we now have half of the money that is needed to fund the library. LINC have also committed to providing stationery to the project to facilitate the learning aspect that this library intends to provides.

GOAL have been great in identifying a specific project and the Khanaberia Free Primary School has been selected as the beneficiary of this first project. This is a school in the Dumping ground situated near our team hotel in Kolkata. I went along with Morgs last year to see what great work was already being done for the kids who live on the dump.

The costing has been done and we have approved the go ahead of equipping the school with a library cum Resource Learning Centre.This centre will help the children from the primary to the secondary level to gain knowledge and upgrade their learning through different books and educational CDs. The children of the secondary section will be able to solve various test papers which are extremely useful before appearing for board exams. The children of the primary section will develop the base of the learning and will be exposed to a world of knowledge.

It’s going to be very exciting to see this all come together. Hopefully it is the first of many such initiatives.  This is a quote from a great author Katherine Boo : “If we can’t have perfect solutions to profoundly complex problems, we can still make incremental, and meaningful, improvements.” I feel that each book that becomes available in this library will be an incremental step in improving someone’s life.


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