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Welcome to my book review blog.

I’m undertaking to read and review one book a week during the course of the IPL. I don’t profess to be a literary genius or of having any standout intellectual qualities  and I’m sure my style of review will portray this. I want to give my interpretation, my opinion, and my personal connections to the books I read.

I always enjoyed reading as a child. I guess a crowded sports schedule (and maybe – if im tough enough to admit- some peer pressure) took me away from this pastime from about the age of 13.  I suddenly rediscovered the passion about 5 years ago and have made up for lost time. I’ve also undergone a personal enlightenment and my thirst for knowledge and for exploring new spheres increases with my age. To paraphrase Hitchins, this thirst has led me to realise that I know less and less- but I at least know less and less about more and more.

To the meat of the matter- I’m using this platform to raise awareness for reading, and more importantly for the need for education in underprivileged areas. My plan is – with the help of some selfless people- to raise money to build a library or two in India. I have little experience so we’ll start with small expectations but we do have a reachable figure in mind.

I got introduced to Room to Read when I went along to the opening of a library at a school in Delhi through my association with the ICC as I was playing in the 2011 Cricket World Cup in India.

That day was an eye opener and after reading up on the organisation and its work I wanted to get involved. I also read Leaving Microsoft to Change the World! The inspiring story of the charity’s founder and his process to grow the charity into the respected organisation it has become. Please check out

I hope you enjoy this blog and look forward to comments, suggestions, questions and most importantly to spreading the joy of reading.


Comments on: "Introduction" (12)

  1. Hi Ryan. It is always a pleasure to read your blogs during IPL. I really cherish the way you give insights about the team and your team mates and transcend our knowledge about KKR beyond the usual on-field theatrics. The idea of a book review blog and the library is innovative and noble. Some where down the line you portray that there is life beyond profession and that there is a need to for one to introspect his thought process to have his conscience right.

  2. So happy to see you reviewing books, Ryan. A high profile sporting patron like yourself, will certainly help the cause of literature.

    Here’s hoping that you discover many more books and wishing you a happy stay here in India.

  3. well done on the initiative, Ryan, look forward to reading more!

  4. Hi Ryan,

    Great initiative. Hope this works well and through your efforts a whole bunch of kids can inculcate this wonderful habit of reading. We are happy to help in any which way we can.
    Aside, your blogs have always been very readable. Keep up the great work!


  5. niranjan shah said:

    well done Ryan. you prove again – that you’re a star!

  6. Great initiative. And truly different from what the other cricketers, even well meaning ones, are doing. How do you decide what to read?

  7. Mythili Sankaran said:

    Hi Ryan,
    Am writing from sunny CA, the headquarters of Room To Read. Like you, I am a BIG fan of John Wood and RTR and thrilled to see the prominence it is getting through your blog. Looking forward to read more reviews!

  8. Chandan Mahanta said:

    Mate .. Very Happy to see you reviewing books ..
    You are the best ..
    For You Much Love always …

  9. Good going Ryan..
    Our heart wit you.:-)

  10. I was really impressed with the quality of the reviews and your writing. I hope it is something that you will keep up.

  11. Looking forward to following your blog. Given its subject matter, I wondered whether you had seen the news story about the neglect of the Kanga Memorial Library, Asia’s biggest sports library at the Wankede Stadium.

    Do you think it’s a cause that you and other IPL players would be interested in? It would do a lot to cement the links between the ultra-modern IPL and the traditions of the sport.

    Hope you find that an interesting idea.

  12. Absolutely fabulous ideas to read a book-a-week during the IPL, and then to share your reviews. I wonder how you find the time …but also would love to read how you decide on your books. Do you usually have people recommend them to you? browse the shelves? look at amazon or reviews?

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